by: Forge de Laguiole - Made in Laguiole, France

Traditional Laguiole pocket knife with a wide variety of precious wood handle, Brass bolsters with mirror polished finish.The knives in this collection feature the following:

1)  Brass bolster. Brass was widely used on the original Laguiole knives because stainless steel was not yet available. If you are looking forthe "original" look of the Laguiole of the early 1900s brass and horn tip is as close to it as you will get.

2) Shepherd's Cross: The Cross is composed of six small brass rivets inserted into the handle and laid out in the shape of a cross. Legend has it that shepherds used to plant the blade of their knife in their bread. As the knife stood up vertically it made the shape of a cross with the bread, which provided them with a focus for their prayer.

3) Forged T12 blade. T12 steel combines durability, rust resistance and ease of sharpening. Forge de Laguiole’s unique methods of forging, combined with tempering, give the blade a perfect cutting edge.

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