Handcrafted from natural materials, these Laguiole models have handles made from cow horn. They are a true evocation of the Aubrac region of France.
The traditional table knives are composed of a fixed blade with a finely decorated handle that includes the bee, one of the symbols of Laguiole knives.The knives is this collection feature the following:

1) Brown horn tip (color may vary). Horn tip is the strongest part of the horn and will never warp like inferior horn handle will.

2)  T12 Stainless Steel construction. Care free metal that will never tarnish or rust.

3) Traditional bee and spring

4) Shepherd's Cross: The Cross is composed of six small brass rivets inserted into the handle and laid out in the shape of a cross. Legend has it that shepherds used to plant the blade of their knife in their bread. As the knife stood up vertically it made the shape of a cross with the bread, which provided them with a focus for their prayer.

Please note that each item included in this collection comes with a storage box and a certificate of authenticity