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Know How

Forge de Laguiole: a singular savoir-faire

Around a hundred employees carry out their various specialties at Forge de Laguiole, and to see the manufacturing process is like going back in time. The machines date from the last century - there’s no sign of modern technology or production lines. At the forge the workers still use traditional methods, tried and tested over time and based on the touch and smell of the materials, experienced eyes that guide the precisely gauged work of the hands, and the sounds of grinding, polishing or of rivets being fitted. Between 40 and 180 steps are necessary to assemble a Laguiole knife, and all of them are carried out here. Each knife is a unique piece, one of its kind. And each one is inspected visually and by hand before leaving the forge.

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Forging |Chiseling & Assembling |  Finishing & Sharpening |  Shaping the Handle |Quality Control