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The Masters of Laguiole

The art of Laguiole knife making mastered.

In tribute to the greatest cutlers that have marked the history of Laguiole Virgilio Muñoz Caballero & Stéphane Rambaud have created the most remarkable and unique Laguiole knives ever created. 


Virgilio Muñoz Caballero

Virgilio Muñoz was awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best French Craftsman) in 1986 in the collectors knife category.
Each one of his knives are custom-made to order. Each model is an exceptional piece and a unique achievement. Virgilio Muñoz signs each of his knives with his initials: MV. His knives are works of art with a precise fit, a perfect finish, a beautiful choice of materials and a wonderful design.

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Stéphane Rambaud

Gold Medal for Best Apprentice and first prize in the Collector knives category. Mr.Rambaud designs new versions of historical Laguiole knives or makes exceptional pieces for real knife enthusiasts.

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