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Forge de Laguiole 12 cm Chiseled Bee Folding Knives with Brut de Forge Blade

Brut de Forge is when the blade is intentionally left unfinished from the red hot temperatures of the forge instead of being polished smooth.

In French, Brut de Forge translates roughly to “rough from the forge."

All Brut de Forge blades will be satin finish; however, you may select the finish for the bolsters from the dropdown menu above.

There are many reasons a Laguiole knife can retail for much more than another model of similar size and material. The finish of the metal, the construction of the spring and bee and above all, the chiseling and filing of the spring & bee all contribute to the added cost. Most mass-market Laguiole knives have a soldered bee and very rarely a hand chiseled spring top and bee. 

The art of chiseling a "one of a kind" folding knife is very time consuming, sometimes taking over one hour to complete the spring & bee alone. Additionally, only the most skilled cutlers/artists can achieve this very complicated task. You can view the chiseling and filing stage on this YouTube video.

Handmade in the village of Laguiole, France, Forge de Laguiole knives are truly and by far of the highest quality offered in the market today. Additionally, each masterpiece is entirely handmade by the same craftsman to ensure pride in the completed piece.

What's Included: Pocket knife - Gift box - Forge de Laguiole Certificate